Most data networks are complicated, not just the hardware and network issues, but also the high-level protocols that devices use to communicate; and to make things even more complicated, many manufacturers have incorporated proprietary protocols for their devices. Integrating different devices and protocols within a data network is always the most challenging task for system integrators, firmware/software developers, and site engineers. From the simplest loopback test to complicated checksum calculation and sophisticated firmware and GUI software development, the 232Analyzer is designed to tackle all these challenges.

The 232Analyzer is an award-winning, easy-to-use, advanced RS232/RS485/RS422/ TTL (CMOS) analyzer software that allows users to control, monitor, and analyze serial port activities in any data format (ASCII, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or binary), and it comes with powerful features including Programmable Buttons, Automated Responses, and Macros. The 232Analyzer supports all major Windows Operating Systems including Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, both 32 and 64 bits.

The FREE Limited Version has no time limitation, so feel free to use or distribute it.

Benefits of Software Analyzers

  • Because of their nature, software analyzers are generally more user-friendly than hardware analyzers.
  • Software analyzers come with many more useful and powerful features than hardware analyzers do.
  • Software analyzers are more cost-effective and convenient. The company licenses can be installed on multiple computers and travel from one place to another, requiring no additional expensive devices.
  • Activation of software analyzers is fast and easy and does not require frustrating product waiting time.

Choosing the right analyzer tools can save you a tremendous amount of invaluable engineering time and cost! The 232Analyzer is the best protocol analyzer of its type; it has been proven by tens of thousands of satisfied customers and is widely used in the communication, automation and control industries. Its clients include Boeing, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, NASA, Siemens, and many other market leaders.

License Types

Limited License (no time limitation) FREE

Single-Computer-License $79.95
(The software may be installed on a single computer, license is not transferrable from one computer to another.)

Company-Multi-License (5-License Pack) $279.95
(The software may be installed on up to 5 computers within your organization at the same physical location, license is freely transferrable from one computer to another.)

Company-Unlimited-Site-License $494.95
(The software may be installed on any number of computers within your organization at the same physical location, license is freely transferrable from one computer to another.)

Differences between the free and registered version

 Software Features  FREE Version  Registered Version
 Timestamps (Monitoring Mode)  No  Yes
 Available Data Formats  Dec, Oct, Bin and ASCII  Hex, Dec, Oct, Bin and ASCII
 Monitoring Mode  No  Yes
 Programmable Buttons  No  Yes
 Programmable Auto-Response  No  Yes
 Programmable Macros  No  Yes
 New/Save Device Profile  No  Yes
 Open Device Profile  Yes  Yes
 Open/Save Log File  No  Yes
 User Notes  Yes  Yes
 Checksum Calculator  Yes  Yes
 Notation Converter  Yes  Yes
 Options  Yes  Yes



Recommended Hardware Accessories

Direction Indication RS-232 RS-485 RS-422 TTL 5V TTL 3.3V
Yes 1x USB-232A-1
1x CBL-Full-1A
1x USB-232A-1
1x CBL-Full-1A
2x CVT-485_422-1 (or CVT-485-1)
2x PWR-5_US-1
2x GCH-9_MM-1
1x USB-232A-1
2x CVT-485_422-1
1x USB-232A-1
1x CBL-Full-1A
2x TTL-232-1
1x USB-232A-1
1x CBL-Full-1A
2x TTL33-232-1
No 1x USB-232-1
1x CBL-Half-1
1x USB-232-1
1x CVT-485_422-1 (or CVT-485-1)
- - -


Single-License Bundles (1 Single-License + 1 Hardware Set)

="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer

Multi-License Bundles (1 Multi-License + 2 Hardware Sets)

="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer

Site-License Bundles (1 Unlimited Site-License + 5 Hardware Sets)

="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer   ="232Analyzer



Programmable Buttons (1) Programmable Buttons (2) Auto-Response Macros
Half-duplex Full-duplex Send ASCII Send Hex
Open Port Screen Adjustment Send Signals Check COM Port



Advanced RS232 RS485 RS422 TTL Serial Port Monitor Terminal Protocol Analyzer software



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Real-world example
How to use 232Analyzer software to control or test serial devices: Pelco D/P protocol examples / tutorial.

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